Gabriel Tattoos London aims to eliminate preconceptions and smash the stereotype of what makes a traditional tattoo studio. Gabriel Tattoos London is Different.

Over two years involved in the tattoo industry, we’ve seen what works well and what doesn’t. We’ve re-imagined what a good studio looks like, and we’ve put our heart and soul into creating it.


Our aim when bringing Gabriel Tattoos London to life was to build a space where artists are happy, and their clients are fully relaxed.

Here you can enjoy the experience of getting tattooed. Yes, we said enjoy. 


Getting a tattoo can be a big life event, so we’ve thought of everything, to help artists give you a VIP experience and help you feel in control. From our comfortable chairs to cosy waiting area. 


Every inch of Gabriel Tattoos London is designed with the client and artists’ experience in mind.




The expert artists at Gabriel Tattoos London use premium equipment to ensure quality artwork, and every inch of the studio is immaculately clean and hygienic.

We take this extremely seriously and have very high standards.

The artists tattooing at Gabriel Tattoos London will make time to answer any questions you have, before, during and after your appointment, in an unhurried and informed manner.

They will take you through all tattoo aftercare procedures. 


They’ve been asked every question, so don’t be shy!

They are experts and there to help.




Tattoo Sketches