Getting your first tattoo.

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Getting your first tattoo can be a little daunting and we totally understand that. We’re definitely trying to revolutionize the way people indulge in the tattoo community, which means making everything easier, more accessible, and not so intimidating for people just like you!

In this First Tattoo Guide, Gabriel Tattoos London go over how to book your first tattoo appointment by laying everything out step by step. We want your experience to be the best that it possibly can be and this guide will help make it so awesome that you won’t be able to quit at just one!

Step 1. Idea, date,

1) How can I find the right design? You can find the right design by trusting your instincts and thinking about the things you love most. The beauty of tattoos is that they can illustrate anything you want in any style you want. Try putting together an inspiration board in the Tattoo to get started!

2) Can I ask the artist to copy a design? Most reputable artists will not copy a design unless it is a flash tattoo. What they can do is create a similar design inspired by what you bring in. Think of it this way: you’re unique. Your tattoo should be too.

3) What does flash tattoo mean? A flash tattoo is artwork that an artist has already created. Most of the time these will be hung on the walls of a shop so if you’re looking to collect something quick, or you don’t have any particular ideas for a piece but want something cool, you can choose a flash tattoo and usually get it that day!

3) Do tattoo artists draw your tattoo? The tattoo artists draw your tattoo if it is a custom tattoo. This means that they’ll take your inspiration or ideas and turn it into something you love before your tattoo appointment!

4) Can I bring my own design? You can definitely bring your own design, but keep in mind that the tattoo artist may need to make changes here and there to ensure that your piece turns out perfect. Your best bet is to trust your artist and work with them to create a tattoo you love.

Brainstorming tattoo ideas and figuring out when you’ll be able to make the commitment to a tattoo consultation appointment is the first step, and it’s a important one. This may sound obvious but it’s true.

Thinking long and hard about what you want will make it easier for your tattoo artist to draw up your new piece. Your happiness is important to them, and they want to do a good job!

So, getting a really strong concise idea in your mind, and then figuring out what your schedule is like, is all going to make the process so much smoother and more enjoyable.

If you’re struggling to come up with the best tattoo idea, make sure you head over to our tattoo image search and type in specific keywords that are of interest to you. Gabriel Tattoos Landon archive contains literally thousands upon thousands of can start with things like “chest tattoos”, “rose tattoos”, or “tribal tattoos”, whatever stuff you love to look at, we promise we’ve got it.

Step 2. Find an artist in Gabriel Tattoos London Studio

1) How can I find the right artist in our studio? You can find the right artist by narrowing down what style you want. That way you can choose the perfect artist by looking at their artwork and seeing whether it matches with what you want!

2) How do I know if the artist is good? The best way to know if an artist is good is by looking at their portfolio, doing a little research on the studio they work at and checking out reviews.

How can I book an appointment in Gabriel Tattoos London? You can book an appointment directly booking with an artist of your choice by email or call to us  07944 324715.

See more info on our Booking page!

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